Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Leeks Lifecycle

Digging leeks, March 2011

Here's us harvesting leeks on Tuesday this week, a lovely spring day. When the ground is too wet or when we just have a small amount to harvest (or when the tractor is being used elsewhere) we just loosen them with a fork, then they need pulling up, and roots and topped and trimmed. Finally, back in the shed, we peel off the outer layers and they are ready.

Leek Harvest in Olantigh Field, March 2011

Meanwhile, back in the seeding greenhouse, many of the new season's leeks are already seeded and growing. We grow some leeks in module trays, sowing several seeds per module so we don't get too may giant leeks; and some in trays, which will then be transplanted into a 'nursery bed' for a while, before being transplanted into their final home

leek seedlings, march 2011

Leek Nursery, June 2010
 And this is what the leeks looked like back in December, not so easy to harvest then!

Leeks - December 2010

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