Sunday, 22 May 2011

What's Happening in May (part 2)

No significant rain now since March 17th and over the last week or so only the occasional shower giving us the odd mm or two of rain we can't put off transplanting for any longer. We are using T-Tape (trickle tape) laid along rows of crops for irrigation. This is a long process as our water pressure only allows us to irrigate 2 or 3 rows at a time. We do usually have to do this for selected crops, depending on the weather, but with no significant rain due yet we're going to have to continue irrigating all transplants for now 
Irrigating kale

and leeks

Young plants ready to be transplanted

onions in Olantigh Fields, newly transplanted leeks to the right

New Season's rainbow chard soon ready to harvest

2nd outdoor sowing of carrots, in need of hand-weeding (they have already been weeded between the rows using a tractor mounted hoe
...and here are the carrots after hand-weeding
Cucumber, peppers and aubergines recently transplanted into a polytunnel

Working very dry ground for llek transplants

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