Sunday, 21 August 2011

August 2011 in Pictures

August is a quiet month in terms of harvesting and packing, as many of our customers go on holiday, but then so do many of our staff, so it doesn't feel that quiet. A bit of a lull though before the main harvest of onions and potatoes gets going in September.

Onions, drying in the field, looks like a good crop this year.

The squash still have a lot of work to do after being planted so late, let's hope for a sunny September!

A patchwork of kales, Russian Red, Cavelo Nero, Red and Green Curly and Hungry Gap

Straw bought from a local farmer, in readiness to protect the carrots and beetroot over winter.
 Kings Wood in the background.

The last of the leeks in the Nursery Bed that are still to be transplanted.
The module grown ones are almost ready to harvest.

Looking in to the Victorian Walled Garden. Sadly, some of the old wooden glasshouses are beyond repair.

Newly sown chard inside the walled garden.

We have sold a few organic figs at Stoke Newington market during August, this is where they came from, one of the remaining fig trees growing outside the walled garden.

A trial planting of Thai Basil for markets.

Phacelia strip next to our early leeks, food for bees.

A pear tree left over from the days when these fields were full of fruit. The pears are only good for cooking and do make a tasty jam, combined with summer and autumn berries. If you look hard you can see Wye Church in the background.

The 'Lazy Bed Weeder' - although after an afternoon on this you don't feel as if you've had a lazy afternoon at all! We all get to take turns driving the tractor.


  1. Gorgeous pictures - the kale is so colorful. When do you harvest your flatcaps?

  2. Excellent pics! (Almost) making me homesick!

  3. I want a go on the lazybed...looks nice and relaxing!