Monday, 30 July 2012

A few pics from July 2012

The courgettes and sweetcorn have been enjoying the end of July heat-wave

Another month to fill out and these cobs will be ready to harvest, come on sun!

But only a few days for this courgette to be ready!

Good to see some weed free crops at last, (although I don't get to see my husband and weed-free crops, it's one or the other!)
the wet spring/summer has meant lots of weeding this year

And rainbow chard looking lovely too!

Looks like a lovely patch of wild flowers full of bees and other wildlife,
 but it's actually 2 beds of carrots that didn't get weeded (can't win them all)

Brassicas in 'Prescott' field
 (these fields used to be part of Wye College farm, and 3 of the fields are named after former principals,
as well as John, there's also  'Holmes' and 'Lucas')
These plants survived the wireworm, sadly many of the squash plants didn't.

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