Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hungry No More - May 2012

It's the end of May, and we're getting towards the end of the 'Hungry Gap'.

Spring onions, spring garlic, annual spinach, new season's salad leaves and lettuces are all ready now, new potatoes this week, new season's chard and kales and spring cabbage won't be long......
Our first early potatoes

spring onions in the field

new season's annual spinach looking pretty amongst the red dead nettle
(the annual nettles are not so pretty though when we're harvesting the spinach!)

new season's rainbow chard, nearly ready for harvesting

red lettuce in a polytunnel

a few early carrots in a polytunnel

and an outdoor sowing of carrots (our main weeding project at the moment)

beds of runner and french beans inside the walled garden

newly planted rows of courgettes and sweetcorn

trays of leeks and brassicas hardening off before planting

looking down at our rows of main-crop potatoes
 (shame I didn't get my camera out fast enough to photo the hare that was running down between the ridges)

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